Toronto man will only sell his condo for Bitcoin and here’s why via CBC News

When most people hear the word Bitcoin, they think zero regulation and unpredictability, basically the Wild West of currency. But not businessman Derryn Shrosbree.

“I’m an ex-derivative trader from Wall Street, so I don’t mind volatility that much,” said Shrosbree. “I believe in cryptocurrency… I think it’s the future.”

To prove his point, Shrosbree listed his two-bedroom Mississauga, Ont., condo for sale for 35 Bitcoin, which at the time of writing this article would value the home at about $450,000.

Since Shrosbree is only accepting Bitcoin, his pool of buyers shrinks dramatically because getting into the cryptocurrency market is challenging and not many interested buyers will be willing. Still, he thinks it will be a good experiment, especially for those who purchased a lot of the tender and are now looking for a more stable asset.


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